The N95 Mask


Want to look like you fit in? Want to appear to be a part of the herd? This wondrous white cover of glorious breath-ability is the perfect facial accoutrements option for you. This mask has a rigid look and feel similar to the ‘respected’ facial add-ons that are all the rage with forward thinking citizens.

This is a triple layer construction cover. Visual coverage is at or near 100% thanks to the unique reflective properties of the white fabric. This is even the case in annoying overhead spot lighting, as clinically tested under the standard 50 watt halogen spot lighting in public bathrooms.

The ear loops are made from an elastic loop material vs our traditional fixed fabric material. Size wise this cover will fit on almost all face sizes quite easily.

We recommend you wash your face covering nightly. Simply hand wash in warm water with a gentle soap. Rinse it in clean water and hang dry for the next days use. You may use a washing machine on gentle cycle but must also place your face covering in a delicates bag to ensure it is not destroyed by the washing machine.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order please contact us and we will make it right. There’s already enough stress in the world, we want to be your breath of fresh air.

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